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First time that I thought about a lot of things on a Sunday.

First time that I thought about a lot of things on a Sunday.

What’s on my mind? You may ask. Surprisingly it’s not whether I’d grow my bangs or color my hair pink.

Herewith, a few things I’m thinking about (once you can tear away your eyes from that beautiful lady in the picture):

My Family.  I miss them. I miss my brother, his pagiging suplado. My sister, who  is just like me, maarte pero cowboy. My two handsome nephews, especially Kjeld Denmark, the way he would sit on my lap and make lambing. He’s fourteen years old now. How time flies! My dad, I miss him. I always do. I love you tatay. I’ll see you soon. And of course, my mom. My mom is the best thing that happened to me. Wherever you are mom, I know you are happy and I know you are watching over me.

My Son.  I miss you son. He’s eleven years old. Mommy is always here for you. You understand right? That you have to be there and I have to be here. I will see you too soon. I can’t wait! I love you so much.

My Friends.  I have acquired a few friends in the last 55 days of my life.  Because of Pinoy Podcast and because of podcasting.  I am very thankful that I have new friends that understand my passion, and that is Jen (FD) as to the friend who will always understand me, there is Liah, I believe this girl won’t leave me and desert our friendship no matter what. Si Liah na kasangkot ko sa lahat ng kalokohan. Si Liah na sa lahat ng panahon ng pagiging magkaibigan namin walang ibang pinakita sa akin kundi paano ang maging totoo. Salamat.

The Love Of My Life. I love you. I know that you know that.  Thank you for coming into my life.    Thank you for loving me and thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you back.  You know that I’m always here for you. Ready to listen, to love you even at the time you are most difficult to love.  I think things between us will never end.  I’ve always thought that we have this special kind of connection that only you and I will understand.

My Beliefs.  I sometimes forget kung ano nga ba ang mga pinaniniwalaan ko.  Minsan iniisip ko kung importante pa nga ba yun.  At ako na rin ang sumagot. Oo, importante yun.  Yun ang magiging basehan ng pagkatao mo. Ang mga bagay na pinaniniwalaan mo.

Past Relationships. To all the men I’ve loved before, Thank you. Thank you so much.  Flawed as though they were, I still really enjoyed coming at them with high hopes, and I learned something from each one. I know now that butterflies aren’t enough to make a relationship last, but they sure are the best part. I just want you all to know that minahal ko kayo ng buo. May mga bagay nga lang siguro na hindi nakatakdang mangyari.

My Haters.  I know… I know… You shouldn’t be thinking about negative people, but I can’t help it. Well I cannot please everybody. Believe me, I’m reaching out. Mabait ako. If only you’ll use your heart to look at me.  I know you’ll soon appreciate the person that I am.

My Apartment.  Looking at it right now, I think I have some serious cleaning to do. 🙂

Lunch. What to eat? I’m kind of hungry.  I haven’t had breakfast and its almost lunch time.

Generally, I’m okay but not really happy but I’m getting there.

I wanna share this song to you by Basia. This is the song of my life right now. For Tom.

Kat (10.13.13, 10:24)

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