[26] Pinay Talk: Unrequited Love (Letter Sender’s Story)

unrequited-love-bleeding-heart-1420389-mIn this episode [25] of PinoyPodcast, Pinay Talk-Girls Night with Schandelah and Fermina, a letter sender asks our panelists for advise on his unrequited love for his female friend and co-worker who’s in a relationship with another man. Schandelah and Fermina give their advise, which may be a hard pill to swallow. G joins in the discussion and gives his own advise that might end this 5-year one-sided love affair.

Episode Notes:

  • Is it healthy for the man to stay in a one-sided love affair?
  • Should the man take a risk and declare his love for the girl?
  • What is the best way to declare this love? A letter or personal talk?
  • What if the girls says they should just stay as friends?
  • Would the girl miss the special attention if the guy withdrew?
  • How can the guy find other women to explore?

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