[29] Humanap Ka Ng Panget: Iibigin Kang Tunay?

Does physical beauty or looks matter in a relationship? Should you look for a “not-so-attractive” mate because good-looking people are supposedly more prone to be unfaithful and flirts? G & Schandelah dissect the song “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” to answer these questions

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[28] Interview with Faith Estrellon, upcoming artist

One of PinoyPodcast.com’s missions is to promote and discover independent Filipino artists who are sharing and uploading their works on the web and social media. When I created our Twitter account last month, I started following a network of young Filipinos who sing covers and share them on Twitmusic and Soundcloud. That’s how I discovered […]

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[27] Are You Unhappy Even When You Smile?

Are you unhappy even when you smile? Seriously, this is a weird question. Listen to G & Schandelah develop this topic and end up with a riotous episode.

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[26] Pinay Talk: Unrequited Love (Letter Sender’s Story)

In this episode [25] of PinoyPodcast, Pinay Talk-Girls Night with Schandelah and Fermina, a letter sender asks our panelists for advise on his unrequited love for his female friend and co-worker who’s in a relationship with another man. Schandelah and Fermina give their advise, which may be a hard pill to swallow. G joins in […]

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[25] Rape In The Philippines: Cases and G’s Untold Story

In this episode, G & Schandela follows up on the Sarah Balabagan interview to discuss rape and child abuse. In light of a recent news report of a rape of a two sisters, aged 11 and 7, by their father in Quezon City, the PinoyPodcast hosts discuss the issue of rape in the Philippines. G […]

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[23] Interview with Sarah Balabagan [PinoyPodcast]

  LISTEN. In this special episode, PinoyPodcast speaks with Ms Sarah Balabagan, whose celebrated case highlighted the plight of OFWs in the Middle East. 20 years after the case, Sarah is now an inspirational singer and speaker, advocating the cause of OFWs and sharing the joy of ┬áher new found relationship with the Lord. (Image […]

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[22] Dealing With Difficult People [Mahirap Pakibagayan]

Language: Filipino-English Difficult people are everywhere — in school, at the workplace, in our neighborhood and at home. So how do you deal with difficult people? Mga taong mahirap kausap, mahirap pakisamahan at madaming problema sa buhay? In episode #22, G & Schandelah share personal experiences dealing with difficult people, and how you too could […]

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Coming Soon: Mike Chan on PinoyPodcast!

Mike Chan will guest LIVE on the G & Schandelah show here on PinoyPodcast. Coming soon! You can follow him on the Mike Chan Official Facebook page. His latest single: Stay Official Music Video:

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A parody of the duck face selfies on Facebook.

[21] Annoying Things Pinoys (and Others) Do on Facebook

Listen to this podcast episode #21. G & Schandelah risk being unfriended on Facebook by talking about annoying things people do on Facebook. Babies are cute, but some parents do this annoying thing… Why being cheesy on Facebook is ewwwww. Really, should you post that _____? Hey stop spamming with _____ The fastest way to […]

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[20] Contacting an Ex On Facebook: Should You?

In episode 20, G & Schandelah tackle a touchy topic that affects all of us, Pinoy or not: Contacting an Ex On Facebook. Why do people contact their ex’s on Facebook How and why people keep it secret from their partners on FB What could happen when you Like a photo of an ex on […]

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