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[Schandelah] What Men Want

What men really want? Believe me, It is not your long, black silky hair. It’s not even your curves. Men want more than that.  Men want intimacy. Men want us to be a good listener, it really turn them on when we women are sure about ourselves. When we are confident enough to know what […]

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[Schandelah] Are You Ready?

Being in a relationship or wanting to be in a relationship is like buying a new house. There are so many things to ask yourself why you would want to be in a relationship. Do you want it? Or you just feel the need to be in one? Just like in buying a new house, […]

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[Schandelah] Fix Your Broken Windows

Look around you now… There are little things in your house or in your life that give us the feeling that things are out of control. That something needs fixing. Take an honest look now and start fixing that broken windows of yours and liberate yourself for a more fulfilling life.

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[Schandelah] I’m Back!

Hi guys! I’m back! Thank you for the support, for the messages. I am hoping to give you more, so please watch out for that.

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[Songs] My Favorites (Acapella)

Just enjoying my “ME” time.  Singing my heart out.

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[Blog] There Is Always Tomorrow.

Carrying Your Own Cross.  The trials you have now in your life are exactly what you need. They are designed for you to learn what you have to learn and become a better person. Let me share a story with you. Peter is a nice guy, well loved and blessed. One day he was shocked […]

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[Blog] Random Sunday Thoughts

What’s on my mind? You may ask. Surprisingly it’s not whether I’d grow my bangs or color my hair pink. Herewith, a few things I’m thinking about (once you can tear away your eyes from that beautiful lady in the picture): My Family.  I miss them. I miss my brother, his pagiging suplado. My sister, […]

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[Blog] Just Like The Rain, Cry It Out Loud

What is rain? Rain is the condensed water from atmospheric pressure that falls in small droplets during storms. Rain is beneficial to us in many ways as it cools the temperature and provides water. What are tears? Tears are your body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration. Rain and Tears. Both are […]

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[Schandelah] Words Women Use

Here are some words that men out there should know and understand, whatever is one word that women are fond of using. You guys shouldn’t find this funny at all! The word ‘whatever” to us women means “go to hell”. Harhar!   *source: Reuters

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[Schandelah] Dating Mr. Wrong

Surprisingly, Mr. Wrong can do you a lot of good things. Yes… You read that right! He can make you see things you tend to overlook because you didn’t listen to that small voice inside your head. That intuition that told you that something is not right from the very start. Loving and dating Mr. […]

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