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[29] Humanap Ka Ng Panget: Iibigin Kang Tunay?

Does physical beauty or looks matter in a relationship? Should you look for a “not-so-attractive” mate because good-looking people are supposedly more prone to be unfaithful and flirts? G & Schandelah dissect the song “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” to answer these questions

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[27] Are You Unhappy Even When You Smile?

Are you unhappy even when you smile? Seriously, this is a weird question. Listen to G & Schandelah develop this topic and end up with a riotous episode.

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[26] Pinay Talk: Unrequited Love (Letter Sender’s Story)

In this episode [25] of PinoyPodcast, Pinay Talk-Girls Night with Schandelah and Fermina, a letter sender asks our panelists for advise on his unrequited love for his female friend and co-worker who’s in a relationship with another man. Schandelah and Fermina give their advise, which may be a hard pill to swallow. G joins in […]

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[22] Dealing With Difficult People [Mahirap Pakibagayan]

Language: Filipino-English Difficult people are everywhere — in school, at the workplace, in our neighborhood and at home. So how do you deal with difficult people? Mga taong mahirap kausap, mahirap pakisamahan at madaming problema sa buhay? In episode #22, G & Schandelah share personal experiences dealing with difficult people, and how you too could […]

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Wally Bayola Yosh Scandal

[19] Can Wally Bayola and Yosh Recover from the Video Scandal?

In this episode. G & Schandelah talk about this controversial topic on the video of TV host Wally Bayola and game show dancer Yoshika Rivera (EB Babe Yosh) that has become viral on YouTube and Facebook. The talk pits G and Schandelah against each other in this heated episode, where Schandelah drops some controversial statements. […]

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[18] How To Be A Magnet to Men (Pinay Talk)

In this episode of Girls Night on PinoyPodcast, Schandelah and Fermina set the studio on fire with their sizzlin discussion on attraction, sexiness and mystery.

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