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[Schandelah] What Men Want

What men really want? Believe me, It is not your long, black silky hair. It’s not even your curves. Men want more than that.  Men want intimacy. Men want us to be a good listener, it really turn them on when we women are sure about ourselves. When we are confident enough to know what […]

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[43] This Thing Called Love

What is Love? I don’t know. Do you know? I haven’t found a rational definition and reasoning for love.  Poets and authors have tried to define love for centuries.  But love is easily felt and experienced than defined.  Defining love will only give boundaries to it. When you can define love then you are being […]

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[Schandelah] Words Women Use

Here are some words that men out there should know and understand, whatever is one word that women are fond of using. You guys shouldn’t find this funny at all! The word ‘whatever” to us women means “go to hell”. Harhar!   *source: Reuters

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[Schandelah] Dating Mr. Wrong

Surprisingly, Mr. Wrong can do you a lot of good things. Yes… You read that right! He can make you see things you tend to overlook because you didn’t listen to that small voice inside your head. That intuition that told you that something is not right from the very start. Loving and dating Mr. […]

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[40] All About Cheating

Where is your partner? Sumakabilang buhay na or sumakabilang bahay? Minsan hindi natin alam bakit nangyayari ito. Basta na lang nangyari? Pero tandaan natin na hindi mangyayari ang isang bagay kung hindi natin ginusto. Maybe the number one sign of cheating is the feeling that you’re partner is cheating on you. More often than not […]

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[35] Pinay Talk: Mars & Venus Dating Guide

  “There should be a manual for this.” We’ve all said it. Whether you’re newly single, you’ve been playing the dating game for years, or you’re ready to pass go and collect your fees, dating can be rough. Learn to embrace your singleness and find ways to celebrate life as only a single girl can. […]

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[18] How To Be A Magnet to Men (Pinay Talk)

In this episode of Girls Night on PinoyPodcast, Schandelah and Fermina set the studio on fire with their sizzlin discussion on attraction, sexiness and mystery.

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