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[Songs] My Favorites (Acapella)

Just enjoying my “ME” time.  Singing my heart out.

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[Blog] There Is Always Tomorrow.

Carrying Your Own Cross.  The trials you have now in your life are exactly what you need. They are designed for you to learn what you have to learn and become a better person. Let me share a story with you. Peter is a nice guy, well loved and blessed. One day he was shocked […]

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[Blog] Random Sunday Thoughts

What’s on my mind? You may ask. Surprisingly it’s not whether I’d grow my bangs or color my hair pink. Herewith, a few things I’m thinking about (once you can tear away your eyes from that beautiful lady in the picture): My Family.  I miss them. I miss my brother, his pagiging suplado. My sister, […]

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[Blog] Just Like The Rain, Cry It Out Loud

What is rain? Rain is the condensed water from atmospheric pressure that falls in small droplets during storms. Rain is beneficial to us in many ways as it cools the temperature and provides water. What are tears? Tears are your body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration. Rain and Tears. Both are […]

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[Blog] Monday Blues

  Does the start of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress? Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday morning? Are you sluggish or tense? If you’re nodding affirmatively, you might have a case of the Monday Blues. Listen to G and Schandelah’s quick tips to avoid Monday blues.   Happy […]

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[Blog] “Me” First This Time

  No matter what we do, there are only 24 hours in a day. No more. No less. How often you heard yourself saying: “I don’t have the luxury of time.” “So many things to do, so little time.” We are just so busy for so many things. We tend to rush with time, to […]

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Paris Hilton Tweet: Her Real Estate Project in the Philippines

PinoyPodcast is now following Paris Hilton on Twitter. Love this article on my partnership with @CenturyProp. So excited for our real estate project together! #Philippines — Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) August 31, 2013

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Janet Lim Napoles compared to pig, OMG

Are we getting overboard with this Napoles pork barrel thing? It seems the penchant of Filipinos to make fun of one’s physical attributes has reared its ugly head again! The internet is now awash with images and text (memes) comparing Napoles to a pig, with reference of course to the $10 billion pork barrel scam. […]

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