[Blog] There Is Always Tomorrow.

You're still breathing. There is always tomorrow.

You’re still breathing. There is always tomorrow.

Carrying Your Own Cross.  The trials you have now in your life are exactly what you need. They are designed for you to learn what you have to learn and become a better person.

Let me share a story with you.

Peter is a nice guy, well loved and blessed. One day he was shocked when life presented him a difficult trial and started asking God why it is happening to him.

Peter:  God, why? Everything I do is for your glory.  Isn’t that enough? The cross you gave  is too heavy for me.

God:  Why Son, If I’ll give you a chance to choose a cross to carry, will you consider it?

Peter:  Hmmm… Why not?

God: Well then… come with me Son. (They entered a room with different crosses, from smallest to biggest. from lightest to the heaviest, each cross was tagged with the bearer’s name.)

Peter:  Wow… Look at all these crosses, can I choose now?

God:  Go ahead Son. Choose what best suits you.

Peter:  Looking around he saw a good looking cross. He tried it, “Ugh, that is heavy! Whose cross is that?”

God:  That is the cross of the President of the United States of America.

Peter:  No wonder.  He tried another cross, “Oh… This is too light for me”.

God:  That cross belongs to a confused teenager.

Peter:  Looking around and still trying different crosses, finally he found one. “God, I think this is it! Just right for me. Not too light. Not too heavy.”

God:  Why Son, that is exactly the same cross you were carrying before we went here.

So you see? God won’t let you go through anything na hindi mo kaya. So stop whining. Stop complaining. Instead learn how to turn your trials into triumph.

If you are going through difficult times right now.  Please watch the video below.


Sometimes we wonder why things like these happens.  But please always remember that life isn’t always sh**.  There could be very trying times, yes.  But realize that it is not the end of the line.  Always believe that you are much much stronger than you think.  Focus on the good things that are still in your life and you will develop an appreciation of what life is really all about.  That life is a continuous process of learning. That in life you have to learn, re-learn and unlearn.

Kat (10.15.13, 23.27)


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