[43] This Thing Called Love

Love is the most searched word in Google.

Love is the most searched word in Google.

What is Love? I don’t know. Do you know? I haven’t found a rational definition and reasoning for love.  Poets and authors have tried to define love for centuries.  But love is easily felt and experienced than defined.  Defining love will only give boundaries to it. When you can define love then you are being rational. Real love is priceless. Real love doesn’t expect anything in return.  At kahit kailan ang pag-ibig hindi naging makatuwiran, kahit kailan ang pag-ibig hindi naging rasyonal. Ang pag-ibig kahit kailan hindi kailangan maging perpekto. Kailangan lang nitong maging totoo.

Sana ganito na lang ang pag-ibig, laging masaya. But true love never run smoothly.

Kat (10.12.13, 23:11)

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